• Image of 3D printed  tie pin / lapel pin Van Gogh Sunflower

This tie pin/lapel pin is minutely 3D printed and hand-painted. It is inspired by 125 years of Vincent van Gogh.

We designed the tie pin/lapel pin by combining state of the art, modern 3D printing techniques with the attention and craftsmanship of times gone by.

The tie pin/lapel pin can be ordered in different colors. Pick your favorite one in the dropdown menu below.

Because of the hand coloring and hand painting by the designer, Elleke van Gorsel herself, variations will occur and therefore all the items are unique.

Luxury gift packaging, a product card with unique number and in short the story behind the design, and an authenticity card are included when you order this accessory through our webshop.
So it becomes a pleasure to either receive or give away.

Get the class and style of a masterpiece with the Studio-ePosh Van Gogh Collection today.

The Van Gogh collection consists of ear pins, brooches, pendants, necklaces, tie pins/lapel pins and cufflinks.