• Image of 3D printed earrings Delft Blue
  • Image of 3D printed earrings Delft Blue

From Delft Blue via blue jeans to degrade 3D.

As an alternative for the imported blue-white Chinese porcelain at the end of the 16th century, there was earthenware produced with a blue decoration in the Dutch city Delft.
In the 19th century jeans were dyed with Blu de Geneva, transforming into the ever since popular blue jeans.

The special character of the 16th century blue shades on the ceramics, and of the washed jeans assemble in the new collection with detailed 3D printed jewelry with a blue degraded gradient.
History meets innovation.

The 3D printed jewels for this new collection are dyed by the designer, Elleke van Gorsel, herself by means of artisanal methods. Because of hand painted coloring each item has it's unique blue degrade gradient.
The ear wires and backsides are made of 100% silver.
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Luxury gift packaging is included when you order the earrings through our webshop, and supplied with an authenticity card and a product card on which a short background story about the specific design, technical information, and a unique number are written. So it becomes a pleasure to either receive or give away.

The Delft Blue collection consists of:
unique chains with a 3D printed bead and crafted bamboo, earrings, rings, ear pins, beads, pendants, tie pins/lapel pins and bow ties/hair accessories.